Module Features

Allows to rent any type of products

You can even use products that already exist in your shop

Rental page integration into CMS page area

Unlimited rental templates for products

Ability to add additional products / services

You can create rental packages, like skiing equipment package, where the client will be able to choose if he needs any additional equipment or just the skiis

Ability to create your own custom fields for rental information input.

You can add custom fields that you require when creating rental forms, after an order is placed all this information will be automatically sent to you via email

Create grids based pricing of rental periods

Prices per day can be based on days count, so that the longer the rental period is, the lower the price per day becomes

Allows administrators to set discounts based on rental period

Can be also enabled for additional products / services

Allows users to see current price for the rental period in real time

While filling out the rental form and selecting the additional services/products user will always see the products/services currently selected

Included date picker for date selection

Allows multiple orders of same product

Change the order of the fields

Ability to change the order of the fields, additional products / services within rental product template

Include/exclude first day of rental period

Example, product taken on January 1st and returned on January 2nd. Rental period can be either 1 day or 2 days depending on this setting

Rental orders are saved as a regular order and are accessible via Orders menu

Custom email template with all rental information for administrators

Bootstrap v3

Module uses Bootstrap framework(responsive) for Front Office output, so you can easily edit it to match the style of your shop

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